About Miliko

With love and passion, four close friends founded Miliko Inc. in New York, 2015. Thanks to our lovely customers, Miliko is improving and evolving.


From 2018, Miliko decides to take more social responsibilities. So a brand new department-donation department is here. In order to make every Miliko’s notebook useful and enable more people to have a good product, notebook donation will become a significant part of this company.


The connection between customer and Miliko is always an important part of our culture, and the bridge to hold this connection is Miliko’s customer service. Miliko believes that every customer deserves the best not only the product but also the service. We are here to make you happy!


There is no doubt that Miliko will continue to design and make beautiful and qualified notebooks. We will make our beloved customer proud. 


For work or life, you always can feel free and happy through writing!